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Proof That Voting Fraud Really IS a Problem

August 29th, 2012

If you look carefully, you might find a story about voting fraud in your local newspaper or on your local newscast.

Unfortunately, though, the “big guys” over at the networks aren’t following suit.  In fact, NBC News posted a story on its website on August 27th titled “Where’s the Voter Fraud?”

Maybe they should have looked a little more carefully, because there’s plenty of it to go around!  In just the past month, we’ve seen:

–        Arizona officials discover that a woman has been voting by absentee ballot for the past five years — even though she’s been dead the entire time!

–        Allegations that an elderly Texas man was forced into a van, told to vote for a certain candidate, and driven against his will to the polls.

–         A Florida man indicted on federal charges for voting in two Presidential elections, even though he’s not a U.S. citizen and, therefore, not eligible to vote.

–        Officials in Montgomery County, Ohio say that they received more than 100 voter registration cards from the same organization.  However, each one listed either a false or a nonexistent address on it.

–        A Florida woman arrested for filling out 31 absentee ballots for the August 14th primary.

–        The Massachusetts Secretary of State announce that party affiliations may have been tampered with on the state’s voter registration records.

–        A Florida man arrested for filling out other people’s absentee ballots — and marking his own choices on them, instead of theirs.

The next time you hear someone argue that voting fraud isn’t a problem, don’t believe them!  If this is what’s been going on over the past month, what kind of stories will we uncover after the November election?

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